Possibly the most beautiful fisherman on the planet Brooke Thomas in a bikini!

Possibly the Most Beautiful Fisherman Ever Brooke Thomas

She may not only be Possibly the most beautiful fisherman on the planet, but looking at these smoking hot photos of the extremely sexy blond, extreme sports-girl Brooke Thomas in a bikini, makes us think that she could possibly be one of, if not THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ON THE PLANET!

Brooke loves fishing for the big ones! Not only that, she loves hunting them and bow fishing for fish. BUT OMG, take a glance at Brookes absolutely perfect booty!  Not only does she have the most perfect ass (excuse our french), we have ever seen on any human fishing, but we are rating her in our top 10, in our Top 100 – “Best Booties of all time“.

Brooke Thomas in a bikini

Seeing these photos of Brooke Thomas in a bikini, and at the same time doing a sport that she, along with many men, including a few of us boys on the CelebrityMixer.com team absolutley thrive off, has now cemented her place in the top 10 of the most perfect booties of all time, and also a place in our Top 100 List of the – “Most beautiful women of all time“, Top 100 List of the “Sexiest Girls of Sport“, Top 100 List of the “Most beautiful blonds of all time” (Real or Fake), and also our Top 100 List of the “Best Bikini Bodies of all time“.

We will have the official order of the lists as time goes on, but let us just say, it’s a great homour to be on any of our lists, let alone 5 lists. Congratulations Brooke Thomas, you have earned our respect and our votes, because you truly are beautiful, fit and talented, and we love your passion for your sport.

By the way, whoever gets to take photos of you while you are fishing, are some of the luckiest humans to ever walk this earth LOL.

Brooke Thomas Perfect ass in a bikini fishing

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