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Kate Upton Bikini Pics

Kate Upton Bikini Pic from The Other Women in 2014

Here is a hot collection of Kate Upton Bikini Pics from the 2014 Comedy “The Other Women“, and her beautiful Big Real Boobs!

In this movie, the very lovely, and extremely cute and busty Kate Upton (Amber), gets stalked while she is at the beach wearing a bikini, by her co-stars, Cameron Diaz (Carly Whitten), and feisty redhead Leslie Mann (Kate King).

Kate plays Amber, “The Other Women”, and the other 2 girls stalk her with binoculars at the beach, cause all 3 women have been getting fucked by the same guy, who is meant to be married to Kate (Leslie Mann).

While the girls are spying on Kate, we get to see some awesome shots of her perfect, big real boobs while she is wearing a tight white bikini. We also get a great shot of her cute little ass in the bikini.

You can click on any of the pictures below of Kate and her big boobs and cute bum, to see the original shot and larger image. Hope you enjoy!

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