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Krissy Carlson Nude

Krissy Carlson Nude

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)Check out these hot movie stills from the 2006 Horror/Thriller film titled; “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon”.

In the stills from this particular Horror Movie, we get to see frame by frame pics of a set of perfect real boobs, with big prominent nipples!

We get to see sexy actress, Krissy Carlson nude, or as close as we can to nude, cause her body double owns these beautiful boobies. But, we do get to see some sexy up-skirt pics of the real Krissy Carlson and her good girl panties, as she tries to escape her slaughter!Krissy Carlson

“Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.” is a horror flick from way back in 2006 is a clever mockumentary about an aspiring serial killer, who goes by the name of Leslie Vernon. Leslie is played by actor Nathan Baesel.

An unlucky student video crew gets the job of following the Freddy-and-Jason-worshiping psychopath as he makes strides toward realizing his dream of causing horrific nightmares from coast to coast, by leaving lots of victims; he has a mentor—retired liquidator Scott Wilson—and an encyclopedic mind for Horror Films and all things slasher.

Nate details the prerequisites and styles of killing he plans to attempt, while the young crew behind the cameras look on as he plans his killing spree.

Krissy He hopes he will become a big name in the kill game. As he begins slaying his panicking peers, the co-ed documentarians will have to decide whether it’s worth it to keep filming (and become big names themselves in the world of Documentaries), or if they should do the right thing and try to put a stop to his deadly deeds.

In the tradition of the 1992 film, “Man Bites Dog”, Behind the Mask also satirizes our mass-media fixation with grime and gore. But this film also adds slasher-flick references and deconstructs the genre as well.

It’s a “cheeky, low-budget goof on slice-and-dice horror films,”  and it’s “a lot cleverer than Scream.” – Said The Boston Globe.

We hope you enjoy this awesome collection of frame by frame movie stills below, of on of the best set of boobs ever! Also, the up skirt collection of Krissy Carlson and her hot panties!


Krissy Carlson Nude in Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.


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