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Sophia Myles naked actress

Feel Free to check out this FREE nude celebrity picture, of the very, very beautiful Sophia Myles. Sophia is the gorgeous NAKED ACTRESS from England, who played the part of “Audrey Baumgarten” (a naked art model for everyone to sketch), in the 2006 film “Art School Confidential”. The part Sophia played in Art School Confidential, is now a CLASSIC NUDE SCENE, and the nude pics from the scene are very popular, and rightly so, because not only is Sophia Myles absolutely stunning, her breasts are as close to perfection as you can get, and so is her fabulous ass. Sophia’s boobs are around about a medium sized C cup size or under in this sexy nude celebrity picture, and you can tell that they are firm. It would have been so hard at the time of shooting these scenes for the movie, for any Hetrosexual man NOT to get an erection, and any Lesbian females not get wet LOL cause this lovely, blond young lady is sooooo hot.

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